Popular Circus Café to close

on Friday September 29th

After 14 years, the popular Circus Café is set to close on Friday September 29th. “As NYC based restaurateur Keith McNally shared when he closed much loved Schiller’s Liquor Bar after 14 years and Pulino’s after 4 years, ‘I am used to restaurant openings, not closings. This is not in my comfort zone.’ That expresses our feelings as well,” say co-owners, Christel and Colin MacLean.

In a prepared statement, the MacLeans comment: “We have a deep sense of gratitude and appreciation to our partners and investors for believing and supporting us in this venture. It takes a lot to build a successful restaurant and without the financial support and belief in our vision, the Circus Café would not have been. We are also incredibly grateful to our amazing, loyal and wonderful employees, customers, vendors and the remarkable community of Saratoga Springs and the capital region.

Circus Café was something that we created together from an idea we had in 2003 that we wanted a colorful, fun, family friendly and completely inclusive restaurant in Saratoga Springs. The restaurant has enjoyed a very long and successful run.

Despite that, a series of recent events have led to the need to sell the restaurant including the struggles encountered by Circus Cafe's recently sold sister restaurant, The Crown Grill, and a very challenging labor climate this past summer. The restaurant has still enjoyed a loyal and steady business but it has been an uphill battle to overcome the closing of The Crown Grill and other industry challenges.

Circus Cafe has been on the market for several months and is most recently listed for $250,000. We are currently in conversation with a few potential purchasers. It was our intent and desire to remain open into the fall while finding a buyer; however, our insurance policies were up for renewal on the 30th of September which forced our hand to close this weekend. The restaurant will remain open until midnight this Friday.

On a personal note, we opened Circus Café on our daughter Lucy’s first birthday and truly love what it became – home of many special moments to an eclectic, loyal clientele who instantly had a “home base” in Saratoga. To say that the restaurant became our home away from home is an understatement. Most of our friends are those we were blessed to have met throughout our time in the restaurant business in Saratoga Springs, beginning with Hattie’s in 1993.

To celebrate Circus Café’s wonderful 14 year run and to express our gratitude, on Friday we will be offering complimentary cotton candy, free appetizers at the bar, 50% off our signature martinis, and a musical send-off beginning at 9pm with the legendary George Boone Blues Band."